American Forage and Grassland Council (AFGC)

The leader and voice of
economically and environmentally
sound forage focused agriculture
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About AFGC

Vision Statement

"To be recognized as the leader and voice of economically and environmentally sound forage agriculture."

Core Purpose

"Advance Forage Agriculture and Grassland Stewardship" 

The American Forage and Grassland Council (AFGC) is an international organization made up of 20 affiliate councils in the United States and Canada with a total individual membership of about 2,500.  Our primary objective is to promote the profitable production and sustainable utilization of quality forage and grasslands.

AFGC aspires to be the "leader and voice of economically and environmentally sound forage focused agriculture.  We are working toward this goal through the following activities:

  • Assisting in establishing state and provincial affiliate councils and helping them plan and conduct programs that will promote forage and grassland agriculture at the local level.  They are represented in AFGC through the Affiliate Council Advisory Committee.
  • Planning and conducting an annual conference to provide opportunities for forage workers from the public and industry sectors to meet with each other and with producers to exchange ideas on production, utilization and promotion of forages.
  • Publishing forage-related information of interest to members and others through:
    • A complete proceedings of the annual conference including interpretive summaries of all papers presented.
    • A quarterly forage magazine, The Forage Leader, with articles and information of general interest to producers.
    • Cooperation with the American Society of Agronomy and Society for Range Management on publications of joint interest.
  • Conducting an annual awards program.
  • Encouraging leadership development of individuals involved in the forage industry through:
    • Competitions (Emerging Scientist and Forage Spokesperson)
      Annual Leadership Conference for affiliate council leaders.
  • Serving as a source of information on forages and grasslands through a toll-free telephone number at the National Office - 1.800.944.2342.

AFGC By-Laws (updated 1-26-2015)

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