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Texas Forage and Grazing Council

"The objective of TFGC is to promote increased benefits from the production and utilization of forages."

  • Mission:
  • Promote the profitable use of native and introduced forages a a major resource for efficient production of feed, food, fiber and energy products.
  • Provide a forum to stimulate cooperation among agribusiness, producers and professional agricultural workers from public and private sectors having mutual interest in forage production, utilization and marketing.
  • Encourage industries and public institutions serving agriculture to provide the best products and information for optimum forage production and utilization.
  • Help identify needs for sponsoring research and education in efficient forage production, utilization and marketing.
  • Promote the value of forages in soil and water conservation, good land use, pollution abatement and other environmental benefits.
  • Cooperate with other organizations to promote the modern technologies of forage production and to encourage joint programs for the most effective results.
  • Emphasize the career potential in the field of forage production and management.


Current Executive Committee 2010-2011:

President: Gerald Evers

  • Vice President: Brent Batchelor
  • Executive Secretary: Vanessa Corriher
  • Treasurer: Don Dorsett


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