Silent Auction Donation Form

If you would like to donate an item for the AFGC Silent Auction please fill out the Silent Auction Donation Form. (Proceeds to fund student competitions at the annual conferences)

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If you are shipping your Silent Auction Item please mail to: 
(please Turn in by: January 2, if shipping item)

102 Bond St.
Berea, KY 40403
Attn: Tina Bowling

Please fill another form for additional donation items

Examples of items to donate:

1.          Bags of seed
2.          Gift baskets with items from your local area/state
3.          Gift baskets with various items/themes
4.          Forage items (historical, antique, or current)
5.          Forage publications
6.          Electronics, tools, and other useful items
7.          Gift cards from national chains
8.          Forage artwork (paintings or prints)
9.          Toy tractors, wagons, and other agriculture-related toys
10.        Food items (country ham, etc.)
11.        Quilts, blankets, or wall hangings
12.        Conservation or wildlife items (duck stamp prints, decoys, bird calls, etc.)
13.        Interesting non-liquid items that will fit in a carry-on bag (for those flying to the meeting)

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