Pennsylvania Forage and Grassland Council

Who are we?
Formed in 1960, the Pennsylvania Forage and Grassland Council (PFGC) is made up of individuals and organizations that are interested in forage and grassland based agriculture. 

What is our purpose?
The Pennsylvania Forage and Grassland Council is dedicated to the production and utilization of quality forage and grassland. Our purpose is to improve all phases of forage and grassland agriculture by collecting, analyzing, and disseminating useful information.

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Any person, firm, organization, or representative of a public agency having an interest in forages or grassland agriculture is invited to become a PFGC member. PFGC members are automatically members of the American Forage and Grassland Council (AFGC). Every member receives the Pennsylvania Forage and Grassland News and National AFGC publication.

2020 Pennsylvania Forage Conference Brochure

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PAFGC Board Members:

 Ron Hoover   President  Term End. 2019 ( Producer )
 Michael Kuhns  Vice President  Term End. 2019 ( Industry )
 Jessica Williamson  Executive Vice-Pres.  
 Terri Breon  Secretary / Treasurer  


Justin Brackenrich   Public 
Sarah Dohle    Public
Dwayne Miller   Public
David Hunsberger  Producer
Ron Hoover Producer
Dale Stoltzfus  Producer 
 Kurt Rovenolt  Industry
Miles Kuhns Industry

Ag Council Rep:             Lamar Bomberger                                                      

Rep for AFGC:                Jarett Brown

Awards Program:
Recognize individuals in Pennsylvania who have made an outstanding contribution to some aspect of forage and grassland improvement in the state. Awards are made annually when there is a worthy candidate. Presentation of awards will be made in November at the annual forage conference and meeting of the Pennsylvania Forage and Grassland Council.

Dr. Jessica Williamson

Terri Breon
PA Forage and Grassland Council
174 Crestview Drive
Bellefonte, PA 16823
Phone:  814-355-2467
Fax:  814-355-2452


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