Forage Bowl

The National Forage Bowl Competition is an undergraduate team competition. The format is similar to the popular game show Jeopardy; categories cover all aspects of forage production and management. A National Forage Bowl Cup is presented to the winning team to be displayed for the year on campus with the right to defend the Cup the following year. This is an excellent opportunity to get students from across the United States involved with a forage focused organization, to network with fellow students, to meet with forage leaders, and to learn about career opportunities in the forage industry.

"Since I went to a small school, there were few competitive opportunities for agriculture students outside of research. Forage Bowl provided a wonderful opportunity to compete on a national stage." ~ Lisa Baxter, Forage Bowl Contestant

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2019 Forage Bowl Sponsorship Information

Deadline for entry forms is November 1, 2018.

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2018 Forage Bowl First Place - Penn State University

Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) was the “Farmer’s High School” in early 1855 and has now grown to have 24 campuses across Pennsylvania with 17,000 faculty and over 100,000 students. The College of Agricultural Sciences conferred its first degree in 1861.

Penn State formed its first Forage Bowl Team in 2007 from members of the Agronomy Club. They claimed the National Championship several times in the past. This year’s team consists of 4 undergraduate students: Casey Baxter, Zacary Curtis, Jon Stephens, and Glenn Travis. 

2017 Forage Bowl First Place - Penn State University

2017 Forage Bowl Second Place - Kansas State University. 


2016 Forage Bowl First Place - Kansas State University

2016 Forage Bowl Second Place - The University of Wisconsin-River Falls


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