Forage Bowl

The National Forage Bowl Competition is an undergraduate team competition. The format is similar to the popular game show Jeopardy; categories cover all aspects of forage production and management. This is an excellent opportunity to get students from across the United States involved with a forage focused organization, to network with fellow students, to meet with forage leaders, and to learn about career opportunities in the forage industry.

"Since I went to a small school, there were few competitive opportunities for agriculture students outside of research. Forage Bowl provided a wonderful opportunity to compete on a national stage." ~ Lisa Baxter, Forage Bowl Contestant

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 2020 Forage Bowl Entry Application ( Deadline 11/15/19)


 2020 Forage Bowl Rules/Study Materials

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 2019 Forage Bowl First Place- University of Wisconsin - River Falls

The University of Wisconsin-River Falls Forage Quiz Bowl Team members are students majoring in different departments within the College of Agriculture Food and Environmental Sciences (CAFES) who have come together prepare on a wide variety of Forage subjects. The corresponding departments include Plant and Earth Science, and Animal Sciences. The UWRF Forage Team members are Brett Breitenfeldt, Jordyn Bush, Kyle Hilger, Derek Lenzen, Morgan Orr, and Leanna Schneider. The University of Wisconsin-River Falls (UWRF) College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences (CAFES) enrolls, 1,300 undergraduate students across 12 different majors. Two laboratory farms, a greenhouse complex, food processing plants, specialized laboratory facilities, intercollegiate competitive teams and student organizations, and a very successful industry internship program contribute to the College's active learning environment which emphasizes hands-on experiences in real world settings. The UWRF features one of the largest dairy science programs in the nation, as well as an agricultural studies program that gives students the flexibility to design an individualized program. Forage Crop courses are a major component of the Crop and Soil Science major. 

 2019 Forage Bowl Second Place - NC State University

2018 Forage Bowl First Place - Penn State University

2017 Forage Bowl First Place - Penn State University

2017 Forage Bowl Second Place - Kansas State University. 


2016 Forage Bowl First Place - Kansas State University

2016 Forage Bowl Second Place - The University of Wisconsin-River Falls


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