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The Forage Spokesperson Contest is one of the most popular and informative sessions at the annual AFGC conference. Individual farmers are nominated by state affiliate councils to present at the national conference. Each producer is asked to develop a 15-minute presentation which gives an overview of their farming operation. Emphasis is typically placed upon how forage management contributes to the overall farm objectives and marketing. An additional five minutes are then reserved for questions from judges and the audience. A diverse panel of judges comprised of producers, industry representatives and government agency employees score the producers on criteria including innovativeness, practical application of sound principles, communication skill and enthusiasm. We request that no video be used in the presentation as this impedes our ability to record the presentation.

Deadline for Nominations is November 15, 2018

Forage Spokesperson Rules

2018 Forage Spokesperson Competition

1st Ted Hughes, Georgia

Ted is a member of the Georgia Forage & Grassland Council.  He is a pioneer of rotational grazing in Georgia and an constant proponent of its implementation.  Ted has hosted a number of pasture walks and field days, and routinely makes the farm available for individual and group tours from churches, agri-tourism enthusiasts, and others.  Not only do Ted & Patsy enjoy and benefit from the cattle, but also enjoy gardening and small scale honey production on the farm.  40+ years as a beef cattle producer.  Ted & Patsy Hughes operate Chantilly Farm.  A 210 acre operation, outside of Comer, GA, with 125 acres of pasture managed with rotational grazing.  Ted began implementing the rotational grazing system in 1970, and now has 23 + grazing paddocks.  Tall Fescue is the dominant forage with a few acres of bermudagrass that are occasionally overseeded with winter annuals.  Ted focuses on producing a forage crop, and through that crop producing high quality beef cattle while conserving soil and water.






2018 Forage Spokesperson Competition Winners:
1st Place -- Ted Hughes, Georgia
2nd Place -- Buron Lanier, North Carolina
3rd Place -- Dave Fischer, Indiana

2017 Forage Spokesperson Competition Winners:
1st Place -- Dan Glenn, Georgia
2nd Place -- Dalton Bennett, Virginia
3rd Place -- Steve Carr, Indiana

2016 Forage Spokesperson Competition Winners:
1st Place -- George Lake, Pennsylvania
2nd Place -- C.J. Isbell, Virginia
3rd Place -- Galen Iverstine, Louisiana

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