Youth Essay Competition


The National Youth in Forage Management Essay focuses on essays written about anything pertaining to grazing management, including but not limited to, personal experiences in grazing management, observation or explanation of grazing practices, livestock management on pasture, fencing or other equipment related to grazing management, plant or animal species response to grazing management, or any other subject matter related to forage management. 

There are two categories for participants: I) 6th to 9th Grade, and II) 10th to 12th Grade.
Essays must be original composition of the entrants and can either by typed or legibly hand written. 
Individuals participating in this competition will receive a one year student membership to AFGC.
Prize money given for top 2 essays in each category.

Two prizes will be awarded: 
• First prize – $100
• Second prize – $50

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2021 AFGC National Youth in Forage Management Essay Contest

Category I

Category II

2020 AFGC National Youth in Forage Management Essay Contest

Category 1 (under 14)

Category 2 (14-18)

2019 AFGC National Youth in Forage Management Essay Contest

Category 1 ( age 14 & under)

Category 2 (age 14-18)

Category 3 (age 19-22)

2018 AFGC National Youth in Forage Management Essay Contest

Category 1(age 14 & under)

  • 1st place: Sydney Hamilton (Hillsboro, Ohio) - Raising 4-H Broilers the Way Nature Intended
  • 2nd place: Viktoria Scharf (Purcellville, Virginia) - Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue
  • 3rd place: Olivia M. Klotz (Lexington, Kentucky) - The Cow Jumped Over the Fence

Category 2 (age 14-18)

  • 1st place: Leah Scharf (Purcellville, Virginia) - Graze 300 for Small Ruminants
  • 2nd place: Jake Tower (Dubois, Indiana) - Helping Dirt Stay Put
  • 3rd place:  Nathan Soder (Petersburg, Pennsylvania) - Importance of Not Overgrazing

Category 3 (age 19-22)

  • 1st place: Tony W. Rice (Mount Pleasant Mills, Pennsylvania) - Technology & Grazing: A New Horizon of Opportunities
  • 2nd place: Robert Sears (Knoxville, Tennessee) - Biotechnology in Forages
  • 3rd place: Sarra Wolfe (Mount Berry, Georgia) - Don’t Forget About the Calves

2017 AFGC National Youth in Forage Management Essay Contest

Category 19-22 

  • 1st Benjamin Grismer 

Category 14-18 

  • 1st Jake VanDergrift 
  • 2nd Alex Teutsch 
  • 3rd Katherine Haile

Category 14 & Under 

  • 1st Jake Tower, IN
  • 2nd Seth Wilbanks
  • 3rd Collin Teutsch

2016 AFGC National Youth in Forage management Essay Contest

Category 19-22 

  • 1st Brad Hogshead, OH 
  • 2nd Amber Sattleberg, OH 
  • 3rd Marissa Farraj, OH

Category 14-18 

  • 1st Cole Diggens, MO 
  • 2nd Kailey Bailey, LA 
  • 3rd Westin Cobb, LA

Category 14& Under 

  • 1st Jake Tower, IN

2015 AFGC National Youth in Forage Management Essay Contest

Category 14 & Under

Category 14-18


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