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Allen Award of Illumination - Nominations for this award should be submitted by email and include nominee's name, address, email, phone number and explanation as to why this person deserves this high recognition.

The Allen Award of Illumination recognizes individuals who have illuminated in others a passion for grazing lands and grazing animals and an appreciation of their essential role in human existence. It is given to those who inspire others to achieve a greater depth of understanding of grazing lands and to recognize that such understanding comes through teamwork and collaboration across multiple disciplines. 

The Distinguished Grasslander Award is presented to individuals who have served the forage and grassland segment of agriculture with distinction.  Recipients have spent a career working with forages and must be at least 55 years of age. 

The Early Career Award is presented to an individual who has made significant contributions to the forage and grassland industry as a relatively new member of the field. The recipient must be a member of AFGC, have a career in a forage or grassland distinction, and be 40 years of age or younger. 

The Medallion Award is the highest recognition given by AFGC.  The recipient must have made such outstanding contributions on behalf of forages and grasslands and the American Forage and Grassland Council to have earned national recognition for work in research, teaching, Extension, production, or industrial development. 

The Merit Award is presented to individuals who have made superior contributions in some phase of forage and grassland agriculture.  Recipients have earned recognition among their colleagues for work and productivity in forage or grassland agriculture in research, teaching, Extension, production, or industrial development. 

Additionally, the current AFGC president has the honor of selecting and presenting the President's Award and the Presidential Citation Award. Because these awards are presented at the president's discretion, no entry form is available.

AFGC conducts several competitions during the annual conference and tour which offers different formats for which members can share their forage experiences and knowledge.  Each competition recognizes winners at the competition event as well as in The Forage Leader.  We encourage members to review information on each competition and participate.

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