The Emerging Scientist competitors must not have completed their last degree more than one year prior to July 1 of the year they participate. If an academic rank is held, it can be no higher than Assistant Professor.

  • The participant must be senior author of the competition paper and must not have placed in the top three in any previous Emerging Scientist programs.
  • B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. students' graduates are eligible to participate.


The National Forage Bowl Competition is an undergraduate team competition. The format is similar to the popular game show Jeopardy; categories cover all aspects of forage production and management. A National Forage Bowl Cup is presented to the winning team to be displayed for the year on campus with the right to defend the Cup the following year. This is an excellent opportunity to get students from across the United States involved with a forage focused organization, to network with fellow students, to meet with forage leaders, and to learn about career opportunities in the forage industry.

"Since I went to a small school, there were few competitive opportunities for agriculture students outside of research. Forage Bowl provided a wonderful opportunity to compete on a national stage." ~ Lisa Baxter, Forage Bowl Contestant


The Forage Spokesperson Contest is one of the most popular and informative sessions at the annual AFGC conference. Individual farmers are nominated by state affiliate councils to present at the national conference. Each producer is asked to develop a 15-minute presentation which gives an overview of their farming operation. Emphasis is typically placed upon how forage management contributes to the overall farm objectives and marketing. An additional five minutes are then reserved for questions from judges and the audience. A diverse panel of judges comprised of producers, industry representatives and government agency employees score the producers on criteria including innovativeness, practical application of sound principles, communication skill and enthusiasm. We request that no video be used in the presentation as this impedes our ability to record the presentation.


The National Youth in Forage Essay focuses on essays written about anything pertaining to grazing management, including but not limited to, personal experiences in grazing management, observation or explanation of grazing practices, livestock management on pasture, fencing or other equipment related to grazing management, plant or animal species response to grazing management, or any other subject matter related to grazing management. There are two categories for participants—6th-9th Grade, and 10th-12th Grade.  Essays must be original composition of the entrants and can either by typed or legibly hand written. 


  • Photographs are submitted electronically, printed as an 8 x 10, framed and put on display during the annual conference.
  • Photos are judged in each category and then an overall photo is selected as the overall winning photo. 
  • Winning photographs are then placed in the banner header of the AFGC website. 


In the AFGC Video Competition we ask participants to tell the story of forage-based agriculture and the people who work to provide the products we enjoy. 

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