Emerging Scientist Competition

The Emerging Scientist competitors must not have completed their last degree more than one year prior to July 1 of the year they participate. If an academic rank is held, it can be no higher than Assistant Professor.

  • The participant must be senior author of the competition paper and must not have placed in the top three in any previous AFGC Emerging Scientist Oral competitions.
  • B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. students' graduates are eligible to participate.
  • Nominations must be made by a current professor.
  • Nominees who are not selected to participate in the oral competition will be given the option to participate in the poster competition.

AFGC is celebrating 75 years of service and education for its members and others at the 2019 Annual Conference and we would like to clearly show how science and technology in the industry has changed.  Over the years many of the most important issues and challenges impacting forage and forage-livestock producers were researched, presented or published through AFGC at national and state meetings.  As a result, these meetings have been important in adding to the knowledge and science of our industry.  Please state how the work you are currently doing relates to or contributes to the science from 75 years ago.  If the area of research was not really around 75 years, please say how this new area or research has or will impact the industry compared to the state of science before.  Technology continues to change our everyday lives and the forage research that we develop today (example drones, NIR systems balers, etc).  As farmers seek to increase on-farm productivity, how they can adopt and implement this new technology into their current forage management strategies.  For example, if you are doing research on cattle fitted with data loggers, how does this kind of research add to the current state of science and management and how is it different from one forage/livestock managers would have had to do before this technology became available. 

2019 Emerging Scientist Contest Information
Deadline for nominations is October 15, 2018.


2018 Winners:
Oral Competition

1. Eric Billman, Mississippi State

2. Morgan Pyles, UK

3. Michelle DeBoer, Univ of Minnesota

Poster Competition

1. Devan Catalano, Univ of Minnesota 

2. AnnMarie Riley, UK

3. Veronica Bill, UK


2017 Oral Competition Winners:

1st Place--Deidra Harmon

2nd Place--Paige Smart

3rd Place--Gabe Pent

Poster Competition 2017 Winners

1st Place--Kelly Mercier, Virginia Tech

2nd Place--Smriti Pehim Limbu, North Carolina State University

3rd Place--Taylor Hendricks, University of Georgia

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